Candidate Ads

Laura Curran: Patronage Game
Dan Malloy: Yacht
Dan Malloy: Tough Times
DGA, Alliance for a Better Rhode Island: Fearless Leadership
Andrew Cuomo: Closer
Andrew Cuomo: Courage
Andrew Cuomo: Soup
DCCC: Flight Time
DCCC: Insulting
Jason Carter: 10th Generation
iVote Iowa: Story
Bill de Blasio: Change This City
Bill de Blasio: Attention
Bill de Blasio: Dante
Marty Walsh: One Boston
Marty Walsh: Fair Shot
Obama For America (2012): Made in Ohio
Obama For America (2012): Mosaic
Obama For America (2012): Guide
Obama For America (2012): Reverse
Obama For America (2012): Firms
Obama For America (2012): Higher
Bruce Braley: Repay
Rahm Emanuel: Tough
Rahm Emanuel: Leadership
CA Working Families: Why
Deval Patrick: Right Now
Deval Patrick: Forward
Barack Obama (for U.S. Senate): Yes
Barack Obama (for President): Unravel
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