Television and Radio:

Our bread and butter is the production of top-flight TV, radio and digital ads. AKPD has won a number of national awards, and a great deal of notice, for the distinctive quality of our work. More important, we have won many races because we understand that winning requires more than creative media. It requires the right message.

Every spot on our reel — every spot we have ever produced — can be understood in the context of strategy. We are message consultants, not merely producers of media, and therein lies an important distinction:

Our spots not only look good. They work.

Earned Media:

We help campaigns develop strategies to maximize positive exposure in the news media, identifying individuals and venues likely to yield the best results. We are in daily contact with campaign press secretaries and communications directors, to take advantage of free press opportunities and avoid potential media pitfalls.

Larry Grisolano served as Director of Paid Media and Opinion Research for Obama for America and Obama-Biden 2008, and Director of Paid Media for Obama for America 2012. John Del Cecato has worked at the highest levels of Democratic politics for more than 15 years, writing and producing many of the Obama presidential campaign’s most memorable ads. Isaac Baker brings more than a decade of political communications experience to AKPD’s team, providing candidates and clients with message development, earned media strategy and television and radio ad production.

Expert Media-Buying:

Even effective spots may not produce results if a campaign doesn’t have the right media schedule. If a campaign is targeting one demographic group, and its media is being purchased on programming that doesn’t reach that audience, it is wasting valuable resources.

AKPD has a first-rate in-house media-buying operation, with years of experience placing media, to expertly advance each campaign’s political and communications strategy. This enables a campaign to get more message bang for its buck.


Once the preliminary research and planning is done, our job is to help a campaign define its message. We have written speeches for many clients — including former President Bill Clinton — and apply our experience in developing winning themes. We work with spokespersons for campaigns in crafting speeches, as well as developing techniques and strategies for generating — and capitalizing on — media interviews.

Debate Preparation:

To win a debate requires the thorough knowledge of one’s core message, the ability to anticipate every question asked and the tactics needed to turn attacks to one’s advantage. We have prepared dozens of clients for make-or-break debates and joint appearances, with a goal of capturing broadcast and newspaper coverage that advances the campaign message.

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact AKPD for consulting services, press inquiries, or general information. Someone on our staff will get back with you ASAP.

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