Issues Research:

Any effective campaign begins with solid, thorough research. AKPD begins by researching the public record and newspaper coverage to evaluate potential areas of opportunity and vulnerability, as well as the political environment in which a campaign will be conducted. We also review research on opposition arguments, and the sponsors of those campaigns. This enables us to develop the most effective case while guarding against likely attacks.

Survey Analysis:

AKPD works closely with the campaign’s pollster to explore the political and issue environment, and to test positive and negative arguments that might come into play. Such research is crucial to crafting an effective message from the very start of the campaign.


Another important, early mission is the careful review of past voter performance. This analysis can yield important information about where supportive votes might be found, and how persuadable voters can best be targeted. AKPD works closely with campaign pollsters and staff in both developing these targets and determining how to reach them most efficiently and effectively.

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact AKPD for consulting services, press inquiries, or general information. Someone on our staff will get back with you ASAP.

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