Meet The AKPD Team
Adrianne Marsh has been a political consultant in the fields of television media, direct mail and public relations since 2013, helping develop programs in moderate and conservative parts of the country — from North Carolina to Arizona and from Montana to Texas — and working on behalf of organizations like the Democratic Governor’s Association and EMILY’s List.
Adrianne Marsh

As a 20-year veteran of political campaigns that have included presidentials, senate and gubernatorial races, constitutional offices, legislative offices and caucuses, both in tough primaries and nail-biter generals, independent expenditures and issue campaigns, Marsh has developed innovative, strategic communications plans that focus on a disciplined, clear message that help define the way issues are addressed by a campaign and the way candidates’ stories are drawn out in the media and in paid communication using multidimensional elements of the candidates’ experiences and the authenticity of their own voices to build trust with voters.

Through trial-by-fire experiences of her own, Marsh has seen the dark side of campaign battles, intricately understanding both the offensive and defensive plays of crisis communication and the research behind the maneuvers. And, through years on the management side of campaigns, Marsh also offers insights and advice on the facets of a campaign that go far beyond communications, including political, targeting, operations, budget and finance.

Marsh’s value-added experience comes from 20 years as a political operative with a majority of that time on the ground for various campaigns. During the 2012 election cycle, Marsh managed Senator Claire McCaskill’s last successful re-election campaign, leading the Senate’s “most vulnerable incumbent” to a 16-point victory. That year McCaskill defeated the now notorious “legitimate rape” Rep. Todd Akin after executing a controversial play to run spots on his behalf in the Republican primary.

In 2010, Marsh served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Michael Bennet in Colorado, where the team won a contentious primary before pulling off a general election win by less than 20,000 votes in a year with few bright spots for Democrats across the country. Previously, Marsh was the spokeswoman for Barack Obama’s successful efforts in Florida in 2008 where she managed a 32-person communications staff and, in 2006, Marsh was the Communications Director for McCaskill’s first Senate race where a rural strategy helped defeat Republican incumbent Jim Talent.

Born and raised a die-hard Michigander, Marsh got her start in the “Great Lakes State”, working for Congressman Bart Stupak, Congresswoman Lynn Rivers, the Kerry and Gore Presidential campaigns, the Michigan Democratic Party as Communications Director and for Detroit-area, non-for-profit Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency.

She served in communications roles in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

Marsh has a political science degree from Eastern Michigan University. She lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Paul Dunn, and daughters Elise and Parker.