Meet The AKPD Team
With over 30 years of diverse political media experience with AKPD, Debra Schommer Klein is a seasoned and skilled expert in political media planning and buying—creating and implementing effective paid media plans and buys based upon campaign strategy, budget and the coalescence of political and media research, providing timely competitive information and analysis, and securing fair treatment according to FCC regulations.
Debra Schommer Klein
Vice President, Media

With widespread experience in buying Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Radio, Print and Internet advertising, Debra has an impeccable reputation in the media community along with being known for her passion and commitment to politics. She has established extraordinary working relationships with stations and reps locally and nationwide which effectively facilitate the overall advertising strategy. Debra has managed numerous successful media plans/buys for AKPD including mayoral, gubernatorial, senatorial, congressional, presidential and political advocacy campaigns.

Born and raised in Chicago, Debra graduated with a B.A. in Psychology/Marketing from Lake Forest College. Prior to coming to the AKPD team in 1987, Debra was a Broadcast Advertising Club of Chicago Scholar recipient and completed a fellowship at Foote, Cone & Belding and then worked as Assistant Director of Media Buying at Kelly, Scott, & Madison in Chicago. She now resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two children.