Meet The AKPD Team
Evan began working for AKPD in 2010 as a freelance video editor, having found a position that allowed him to combine his professional talents with his passion for progressive politics. In 2011 he edited television spots for Rahm Emanuel’s successful mayoral campaign in Chicago. 
Evan Smith

Evan officially joined the firm in 2012 as a staff editor, editing spots such as “Firms” for Obama for America, which won several awards, including Best in Show at the 2013 Pollies.

Evan studied filmmaking at the University of Missouri and received an MFA from Southern Illinois University, where he ran the Big Muddy Film Festival for two years. Evan moved to Chicago in 2007 to mentor with acclaimed documentary editor Sharon Karp. Outside of election season he works on independent films.

Evan and his family live in Chicago.