Meet The AKPD Team
Over the past 20 years, Sandra has worked at the center of some of California’s historic and competitive campaigns. As a campaign manager, she has led several statewide candidate and initiative campaigns and local measures, and candidate campaigns for Congress, State Senate and Assembly.
Sandra Sanchez
Senior Strategic Advisor

Her expertise includes running large-scale campaigns with a skilled hand in campaign strategy, communications, endorsements and fundraising. Highlights of her work are electing the second woman in California history to hold statewide office, electing the first woman and the first African-American District Attorney of Los Angeles County, and passing a city-wide measure in Anaheim to raise the minimum wage of Disneyland workers to $15 per hour.

She also led the strategy for a statewide education and media campaign to end child poverty in California, and a statewide education and legislative campaign to conserve one million acres of land in California to help address climate change.

Sandra has worked extensively with Labor coalitions on both statewide and local initiatives, as well as internal communications and organizing campaigns. After the debilitating grocery worker strike in 2003, Sandra co-led the campaign strategy and communications team with the United Food and Commercial Workers union that resulted in higher wages for all Southern California grocery workers in their 2007 contract negotiations, and avoided another strike.

In addition to her many achievements, Sandra is also a certified yoga instructor and has learned to maintain calm in even the most heated and competitive political campaigns.